Haustechnik-Innenansicht100% well-being, up to 40% less energy costs.

In view of ever increasing energy and gas prices, the energy costs of a building are becoming even more significant. Through innovative air-conditioning systems in TownTown you save up to 40% of the energy-dependent operating costs - and incidentally also render a significant contribution to climate protection.

Concrete core cooling. Pleasant temperatures. Pleasant costs.

The principle is simple: Water flows through pipes threaded in the building fabric, which can be controlled up to the exact degree. Thanks to the high heat-saving capacity of concrete a clearly lower heating cost is necessary. For you this means: comforting "natural" heat and unrivalled cheap energy-dependent operating costs.

Long-distance cold. The cooling solution for cool computers.

Naturally generated cold will be fed into the climate network of TownTown and will cool your workspaces to pleasant temperatures - with marked low energy consumption. As primary energy, the long-distance cooling uses renewable energy sources (e.g. bio mass) and waste heat from industrial processes. The low generation costs and the optimum energy utilisation directly pay off - through uniquely low energy-dependent operating costs.

Good for you. Your staff. And our environment.

Even in ecological terms, long-distance cooling is a real future investment: It does not use any fluorinated hydrocarbons (as with air-conditioning units), the primary energy resources used as well as CO2 emissions are clearly lower. And not only do you benefit from this but also the next generations.